Community Connections

A path to Indigenous Inclusion

The Community Connections program is a collection of strategies and tools designed to help an organization reach its Indigenous Inclusion goals. Our unique approach builds a foundation of trust and awareness to support long term relationships and tactical active engagement solutions to provide immediate impact.


Establish Community Presence to Build Credibility

The Community Connections Foundations Subscription is a brand-building program designed to help organizations tell their inclusion story. Building a community presence, demonstrating commitment, and establishing a connection between the individual and the organization’s corporate brand is the foundation of Indigenous Inclusion. 

• Demonstrate commitment
• Increase Indigenous representation

• Establish and/or enhance community presence
• Improve engagement rates

• Expand corporate brand awareness
• Tell your story

Virtual Career Fair Page
To help job seekers understand your corporate commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, a dedicated webpage is provided  on our career fair site. This page helps to tell your story, enhance your brand and increase awareness.
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Career Feed
Using your ATS career feed, your career opportunities are presented in our job board and displayed on your Virtual Career Fair page. By displaying relevant content here, this tool helps build brand awareness and engage potential job-seekers.  For organizations without an ATS, our ‘Web Scraping’ tool can be customized to harvest jobs from most company hosted careers webpages. This solution will be quoted as an upgrade.
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Corporate Banner
Your Corporate Logo is displayed as a banner in rotation throughout our careers site.  Enhancing your brand while offering top-of-mind visibility, your banner encourages job-seekers to visit your Virtual Career Fair page. Companies wishing to promote their commitment to Indigenous Inclusion can use IndigenousLink’s logo on their website as part of the Foundations program.
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Direct Communication
One of the most effective ways to build a community presence is to deliver your ‘strategic’ message directly into the ‘Traditional’ and ‘Cultural’ Indigenous communities. We reach leaders, decision-makers, and community members using our proprietary database.  More than 28,000 urban, rural, and remote centres of influence are reached where 1.7 million Indigenous Peoples work, live, learn, and play.
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*Subscriptions can be cancelled after the first 12 months with 30 days notice.

Social Media
The Foundations subscription utilizes Social Media to engage more than 50,000 Indigenous individuals. Our platforms include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and E-Mail to deliver messages that these communities have come to rely on.
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Creative, Professional and IT Services (10 hours annually) 
Creative design, production and maintenance of materials across all media channels is included with our services as well as setup and configuration of your ATS Career Feed.

Account Portal
Secure, online access the Account Portal empowers you to view results of your campaign.  Automatic daily and on-demand data refresh delivers ‘near-time’ results. View up to the minute distribution schedules, collateral, unique visitor results, career feed processing, learning centre activity, invoices and reports (where applicable) in an intuitive interface.

Active Engagement

Next - Motivate Individuals to Cross the Bridge Built on 'Foundations'

For Community Connection Partners that are actively recruiting, we have developed various engagement tools that can be added to your Subscription to help attract Indigenous talent to your organization and ‘fill-positions’.  These tactical tools are designed with a strong call to action to motivate individuals to respond.

Subscription Benefits
As a Community Connections Foundations subscriber, our Tactical Engagement Tools are available at ‘preferred’ rates.

• Promote Opportunities
• Drive Conversation

• Fill Positions
• Build Engagement

• Motivate Action
• Walk the Walk

Community Outreach
A proprietary combination of Direct Communication, Social Media and a posting to our Network of Websites.  This engagement tool is designed to create awareness and encourage leaders, decision makers, and community members to take action, while reaching the widest audience possible.

Regional* $990 each (Reg. $1,590)
National $1,490 each (Reg. $1,990)
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*Geographic Regions:

Northern – YT, NT, NU
Pacific – BC
Prairie – MB, SK, AB
Central – ON, QC
Atlantic – NB, NS, PE, NL

Career Postings (Featured) 
A manual job posting ‘featured’ in a premium section of our site and published to more than 50,000 e-Subscribers and Social Media followers.

Single Post $246.50 (Reg. $290)
10 Pack $990 (Reg. $2,175)
20 Pack $1,490 (Reg. $3,770)
50 Pack $1,990 (Reg. $5,800)

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Banner Ads
Promote specific jobs, programs, and/or initiatives on our website and encourage site visitors to take action.
• Banner Ads – $330/30 days (Reg. $390)

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Performance Optimization

Options to Maximize Engagement and Return on Investment

Indigenous Inclusion is a Process, Not an Event

Professional Services
Since 1999 we have been helping our partners reach their inclusion goals. Our experts can guide you through the entire process from determining where you are on the inclusion continuum, analyzing goals, develop strategies, engagement, collateral design, campaign frequency, metrics, tracking, and reporting.
• Strategic Planning/Consulting – $175/hour

Creative Services
Our creative team can provide design services to help ensure all of your Indigenous creative requirements are culturally sensitive and appropriate for outreach. This includes editing, writing, designing, production, and access to our Indigenous library of images and photography.
• Creative Services – $125/hour
• Translation Services (English, French, Indigenous languages/dialects) – Request a quote

Inclusion Training
As part of building a solid Inclusion plan, our Indigenous Inclusion training programs are designed to help your Human Resources, Communications, Mid-Level, and Senior Management teams with recruitment and retention of Indigenous talent and to increase your overall return on investment. Our workshops provide a fundamental understanding of indigenous history and culture and will clarify the need to take a different approach to recruit and retain Indigenous employees. Training sessions are available in either English or French.

Recruiter (Live Webinar) $1,990/session
Retention (Live Webinar) $1,990/session
On-Demand (Previously Recorded) $790/90 days


responseTRAC™ tracking and reporting system is at the forefront of all our active engagement. It provides insight into your program performance and allows us to make real-time, mid-stream course corrections anytime throughout the campaign, thereby enhancing ROI. This tool provides quarterly, and annual reports and configured to support a wide range of metrics.

Base Product $990

• Quarterly reporting
• Annual year-end report
• Call-to-action tracking using dedicated toll-free phone, toll-free fax, email, and Vanity URL
• Data analysis, analytics, and recommendations to provide mid-stream course corrections
• Reporting is archived in your account portal for easy access
• Custom Reporting – Request a quote

Insights and Perspectives 
Surveys, Focus Groups, and Pilots – this highly customizable tool can be configured to support an ‘all-inclusive’ or ‘promotion-only’ solution for organizations and government departments with a requirement to sample opinions from Indigenous individuals.
• Survey Tools – Request a quote

Data Sheet


bn_class Province/Territory Percentage
Province New Brunswick 1.6
Province British Columbia 16.5
Province Alberta 15.7
Province Saskatchewan 11.2
Province Manitoba 14.2
Province Ontario 21.5
Province Quebec 10.1
Province Nova Scotia 2.4
Province Prince Edward Island 0.0
Province Newfoundland and Labrador 2.6
Province Yukon 0.6
Province Northwest Territories 1.5
Province Nunavut 1.9


Audience demographics based on campaign response data

Sample Programs

Annual Subscription

The lndigenous Link Community Connections subscription is a comprehensive program designed to help organizations tell their inclusion story. Building a community presence, demonstrating commitment, and establishing a connection between the individual and the organization’s corporate brand is the foundation of successful, long-term Indigenous Inclusion.  The three programs below demonstrate the range of investment most of our Clients are making in their Community Connections Program and are presented for illustrative purposes.  Your account manager will be pleased to work with you to understand your Organizations needs, goals, and budget to determine the best combination of tools for your program.   Keep in mind, your program can be adjusted and tools added or removed as your needs change.

Bilingual Addon
The Bilingual addon provides an additional virtual career page, career feed, social media and second page on direct communications to allow organizations to support both official languages.  The addon can be added to any program for a 15% fee.

Add On Modules

wdt_ID Product Subscription Price List Price
1 National Community Outreach $1,490 $1,990
2 Regional Community Outreach $990 $1,590
3 Career Posting - Single Post $245 $290
4 Career Posting - 10 Pack $990 $2,175
5 Career Posting - 20 Pack $1,490 $3,770
6 Career Posting - 50 Pack $1,990 $5,800
7 Banner Ads (30 days) $330 $390
8 Professional Services $175/hour
9 Creative Services $125/hour
10 Recruiter Training $1,990/session
11 Retention Training $1,990/session
12 Training Streaming $790/90 days

Your Account Manager

Michael Szajewski

Michael Szajewski

Managing Partner

Proud Citizen of the Metis Nation of Ontario

Michael has held several high-level senior management positions over the last 20 years in the financial services, marketing, and advertising industries. He joined Indigenous Link in 2009 to lead the newly formed Analytics Department.  In 2014, he bacame partner to apply his pragmatic, data-driven approach to management.  A creative problem solver, Michael believes that agility is the key to success in business.

Michael has a strong information technology background with a Computer Analyst Programmer Diploma from Red River College focused in Computer Programming – Specific Applications.

Want to meet with Michael?  Book an Appointment Below


Ken Sioui

Ken Sioui


Proud Member of the Huron-Wendat Nation

Ken joined the Indigenous Link team in 2018. Prior to this, Ken spent over 14 years with an Indigenous advertising agency in Ottawa.  As Account Director, Ken was responsible for servicing accounts including Elections Canada, Health Canada, Colleges Ontario, Tim Hortons, the AFN, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

With professional experience in program management, health, social work, and human relations, Ken combines his personal interests and professional training with Indigenous Link’s focus on Building Bridges to Indigenous Communities. Ken’s belief in client-centered service ensures Indigenous Link meets client goals effectively and efficiently. He is responsible for ensuring strategies and operations are aligned and executed.

  • Diplôme d’études collégiales, Social Sciences (Vanier Collège CÉGEP)
  • B.A. English/Psychology/Anthropology (University of Ottawa)
  • 4th/final year, BSW (Carleton University)

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Jamie Railian

Jamie Railian

Manager - Direct Sales


Jamie joined the Indigenous Link team in 2015. With over ten years of experience in Sales/Account Management, he has become a leader in our small to mid-sized business market. Jamie began working with Indigenous Peoples in different capacities –his experience as a Child and Youth Worker provided a valuable opportunity to better understand the challenges many communities face.  This knowledge was further enriched while working for a major Canadian supplier focused on servicing rural and remote communities across Ontario.

Jamie has extensive experience developing strong, long-term relationships with high profile and corporate clients as well as small businesses. He is passionate about representing the Indigenous Link mission Helping Build Bridges to Indigenous Communities.

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