Bridging the Digital Divide with Diversity and Opportunity.

The Canadian Telecommunications Industry is changing quickly. New technology is shaping how connectivity will be delivered and new business models are challenging the existing order.

To this, we bring our vision of a new telecommunications industry foundationally different from what has come before.  We are building a future where the infrastructure delivering broadband to indigenous communities is delivered, maintained, and owned by First Nations’ people.

3.2 billion people globally have access to the Internet. However incredible that may seem it is still fewer than half of the 7 billion-plus people on earth.  And while Internet access was once a luxury, it is now becoming essential as the world’s commerce, educational institutions, health care, arts and entertainment all move online. 

In the last 100 years since the advent of the radio, there has been no technology as transformative as the internet.  It has not only fundamentally changed the way we live, work, learn and play but it has been an equalizing force in democratizing the world.  Families can stay connected to their loved ones and the world opens to new information and resources for students to study and grow.

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Bringing broadband high-speed connectivity to Indigenous and Northern Communities


Including international regulatory frameworks, recent FCC and CRTC decisions, disentions and their competitive, technological and
environmental implications. Extensive experience with municipal, provincial and federal governments.


Including cross country relationships with First Nations’ leadership in many of Canada’s 600+ treaty recognized communities. Direct networks to over 20K individual influencers. Strong understanding of language, proclivities and challenges


Including designing, planning, implementing and managing complex, remote projects with multifaceted stakeholders. Extends to multidimensional hard skills including construction, communications, IT, project
management, accounting, negotiation, design and legal.


Including experience winning public tenders, working with public agencies, managing government funded projects, applying for grants and publicly funded resources. Direct experience in the electoral process at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Broadband to Indigenous Communities Delivered, Maintained, and Owned First Nations’ Peoples

We are currently assessing individual requirements at the community level across the country.  By engaging directly with the people we aim to serve, we want to help develop custom made solutions that meet the current and future needs of every community. Every First Nation involved will have an opportunity to be a stakeholder in the infrastructure and enjoy a share of revenues.

We have an opportunity to change the future for our people, for our children.  Ownership, empowerment, capital investment, technology, long-term revenue streams and high paying tech jobs are all possible by working together to build today the world we will inherit tomorrow

Closing the digital divide by connecting remote and rural Canadians to broadband requires collaboration and innovation amongst all the stakeholders.  It is crucial that communities, policymakers, and internet service providers take a holistic view to create a lasting future where everyone is included.  That is why it is so important for us to engage with end-users and communities at the outset.  Industry and government are pledging billions to move us toward our common goal however we believe real change at the community level working in partnership toward a common purpose.

Please fill in the form below or contact our office to begin the assessment process for your community so we can get started building a better tomorrow.

Eagle Flight Network is working on the request of SpaceX to secure Ground Stations for the delivery of global broadband/internet for the low orbit satellite constellation known as Star Link
Scott Brass
CEO, Eagle Flight Networks