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Canada’s 2025–29 National Action Plan on Open Government

The Government of Canada (GC) Open Government team has recently launched the first phase of the development of Canada’s 2025–29 National Action Plan on Open Government (NAP).

National Action Plan on Open Government (NAP)

What is a NAP?
The NAP is GC’s public commitment to making government practices more transparent, accountable, and participatory to the people of Canada.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) describes NAPs as ‘’products of an open co-creation process in which government and civil society work together to create ambitious reforms’’.

As an active member of the OGP, GC’s federal departments and agencies commit to achieving objectives that have been co-created with the public. These ensure that actions are taken in the areas that are most meaningful and valuable to Canadians.

Three of the five themes of the 2022-24 NAP involved working with Indigenous Peoples and communities. The GC is aiming to have Indigenous representation throughout the 2025-29 NAP commitments as well.

2025–2029 NAP themes
The Open Government team collaborated with the civil society members of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Open Government to co-create the key themes of the 2025–29 NAP:

  1. Meaningful and inclusive public participation
  2. Protecting civic space and democracy
  3. Anti-corruption, public confidence and corporate transparency
  4. Designing inclusive government programs and services

The 2025–29 NAP will include commitments and milestones that set the stage for the Government of Canada to be more transparent, accountable and participatory.
The four-year implementation cycle will enable greater opportunities for meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities throughout the delivery of the 2025-29 NAP.

An Opportunity

A national consultation on the 2025-29 NAP is currently underway. The GC Open Government team is specifically interested in engaging with Indigenous communities and organizations to collect feedback on the NAP 2025–29 themes, and onwards.

This consultation offers opportunities for the long-term vision of open government in Canada to reflect Indigenous perspectives and ideas, and ensure it is relevant and achievable.



Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Open Government Team


The dialogue with Indigenous communities so far has helped the GC understand First Nations, Inuit and Métis perspectives on open data and open government, and were instrumental in developing previous plans.

Indigenous peoples voiced that data occupies a unique space in the information landscape, and that there is a clear need for Indigenous data to be under Indigenous control. They also expressed that relationship and trust were key elements in sharing views and moving forward with any collaboration.

The Government of Canada wants to continue the dialogue and build relationships, to hear more and understand where to focus the 2025–2029 NAP, in a way that will provide concrete and positive benefits to Indigenous communities.

Consultation Activities and Timelines

OpenGov NAP Phases

Phase 1: Collecting Ideas
Spring 2024 

Collection of ideas from Canadians about open government.

Phase 2: Data Coding and Analysis
Spring 2024

Compilation and analysis of ideas received from Canadians: identification of open government priorities to be included in Canada’s 2025-29 NAP.

Phase 3: Thematic Workshops
Summer 2024

Thematic workshops bring together members of civil society, key stakeholders and government organizations, to review input received and develop government initiatives on open government.

Phase 4: Commitments Review
Fall 2024

Consultation with Canadians on this platform, on proposed open government commitments for Canada’s 2025-29 NAP, identified in Phase 3.

Phase 5: Drafting of Canada’s 2025-2029 NAP
Winter and Spring 2025
Development of the ”What We Heard Report” and Canada’s 2025-29 NAP.

Phase 6: Publication
August 2025

Government Presentation of the ”What We Heard Report” and Canada’s 2025-29 NAP to the Open Government Partnership (External link).

See the consultation platform for more details on timelines and how to share your ideas!


The consultation platform offers various ways to participate and share perspectives.

2025–2029 National Action Plan Consultation Platform



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Connecting with Indigenous Communities

Se connecter avec les communautés autochtones

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