Grocery Shopping Experience

We are working with Decision Point Research on behalf of Leger, a national opinion research firm. We are looking for Indigenous people who are interested in participating in a discussion via video-conference (such as zoom call) with our researcher about the grocery shopping experience. All you would need to participant is access to a computer with High speed Internet and webcam (you can participate on a tablet or a smartphone as well). All those who participate in the research will receive a $100 as a token of appreciation for their time. The total time commitment to participate is approximately 45 minutes. Participation is voluntary and all your answers will be kept confidential and will be used for research purposes only. We are simply interested in hearing your opinions – no attempt will be made to sell you anything. The online discussion is led by a research professional with Leger. Only first names are used to identify your comments during the discussion. Transcripts of the session will be produced for research purposes. The transcripts will be used only by the research professional to assist in preparing a report on the research findings and will be destroyed once the report is completed.
Would you be interested in participating in the online interview/discussion?(Required)
Are you between the age of 20 and 55?
What is your province /Territory of residency?(Required)

Which of the following best describes yourself.
Can you estimate in which of the following groups your household income falls:
Which of the following best describes yourself.

Do you have children under age of 18 in your household?

Do you have your parents or married children living in your household?
Which store is your regular go-to store for buying groceries? Untitled

As I mentioned earlier, In the discussion, the researcher will ask questions in the video discussion as well as may display some material. A video camera associated with your computer is required for the discussion. Participants may also be asked to read materials and express their thoughts and opinions freely in an informal setting. We’d like to know how comfortable you are with such exercises. Would you say you are…?
Have you ever attended a consumer group discussion, an interview or survey which was arranged in advance and for which you received a sum of money?
When was the last time you attended a focus group/ interview
Sometimes participants are also asked to type in their answers to a question in a chat feature, read or watch a communication material during the discussion. Is there any reason why you could not participate in any of this?
We will send you a confirmation email with the date and time of the session. This email will also contain a link for the video-conference. Please indicate the video conferencing platform from the options below you are most comfortable using?