From our partners…


We are delighted to be working with Indigenous Link and grateful to have them assist us in our recruitment efforts. They have proven to be extremely knowledgeable in reaching out to Indigenous communities and effectively convey to them the range of career opportunities that exist with the country’s public broadcaster. The level of service provided by Indigenous Link representatives has also been excellent, being both informative and responsive to our needs and inquiries ‒ especially as it applied to the creation of our page on the Indigenous Careers site.

CBC/Radio-Canada is always on the lookout for talented individuals who represent a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and experience. As such, we look forward to working with the Indigenous Link team to help us in seeking out candidates for job postings, and to aid us in our objective of being a diverse workforce that fosters greater inclusiveness, and enables us to continue creating content that mirrors and resonates with our audience.

Indigenous Link is truly an invaluable partner for us at Banff Centre. They are professional, strategic, results-oriented, and always pleasant to work with. Their multi-channel marketing campaigns provide immense value for us in connecting with audiences for our Indigenous Leadership educational programs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Indigenous Link for years to come.

Thank you for a another wonderful year of partnership with AECOM Canada’s Oil & Gas Division. Since 2012, we have hired over 6,000 candidates and we could not have done it without you. It has all been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Indigenous Link! Your programs and support has allowed us to provide our Clients with Top Talent; we look forward to 2019 as we continue to grow across Canada with you by our side.

Thanks for all your work promoting our Indigenous Arts & Stories contest!! We have over 600 submissions, so we’re pretty excited. Some really moving words and talented art pieces have been flowing in. Thanks again!

About three years ago, when we first started doing programs with Suncor, they found out we were using services from Indigenous Link. Because they were familiar with your organization, we were immediately proven to have the ability to promote programs for Indigenous and non-Indigenous women. That was a really telling moment for us at WBF.

We had an amazing response, we had over 40 applicants for the positions which we think is a miracle, totally thrilled. We thought that if we got 8 applications it would be a phenomenon, but now we have to backtrack to figure out a process for managing these many applications. We sure didn’t expect to be dealing with that situation. We have had really great applicants, it’s been terrific!

On behalf of RBC, I would like to thank Indigenous Link for its continued support of our Indigenous Student Awards Program (ISAP) over the last few years. Indigenous Link has shown exemplary commitment to results, a consultative approach and deep understanding of our organizational needs. These attributes were tested when RBC decided to implement a new online application and tracking solution for our ISAP program.  Because of Indigenous Link’s excellent track record with RBC, we were confident in Indigenous Link’s ability to manage all aspects of the mail, fax and online campaigns including collection and reporting responses with the help of responseTrac. With Indigenous Link’s support and guidance campaign, we doubled the number of responses and received a significantly higher number of completed applications. I would like to especially recognize Indigenous Link’s responsiveness in ensuring the new online application web site and its own security protocols adhered to RBC’s strict security standards and to also recognize them for the time they took to process over 700 applications on RBC behalf.

Having Indigenous Link as our trusted partner led to a more effective ASAP campaign and better results in terms of the number of responses received. We look forward to a lasting partnership with Indigenous Link in the years to come.

Upon launch of our new “You Got This” national awareness campaign, we immediately had the Indigenous Link team update the collateral for the Direct Communications, as well as updated our Corporate Profile Page and rotating Banner Ad on Indigenous [now Career.Indigenous.Link] – the responses jumped like crazy! That was excellent to see.

Thank you to the team at Indigenous Link, you continue to help grow and maintain Women Building Futures’ brand awareness in the Indigenous community.

At Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, our challenge was to promote a new program developed to provide senior-level management education specializing in First Nation business. To promote our new Executive MBA in Indigenous Business and Leadership program, we chose to partner with Indigenous Link to promote the program to a large targeted audience across Canada. The process was smooth and mid-way through the campaign, we have been pleased with the results. Indigenous Link’s responseTRAC system is easy to use and allows us to monitor responses in real time and track where and when the inquiries are received.

I have been directly involved in Strategic Staffing and Sourcing since 1996. In my current role as Recruiting Manager for Weatherford Canada, I partnered with Indigenous Link on their Diversity Recruitment Program.

Our Indigenous Link Diversity Recruitment Program provides us with effective outreach into the Indigenous segment and our responseTRAC Dashboard allows us to see the responses to our campaign in ‘Real Time’. With the help of Indigenous Link, Weatherford Canada is building a reputation of being an ‘Employer of Choice’ and demonstrating our commitment to Canadian Indigenous Peoples.

In fact, I am pleased to share that we recently filled a ‘hard to hire’ trades position in a remote location.  It can be said that this ONE hire is worth the entire yearly investment that Weatherford Canada made on our Indigenous Link Diversity Recruitment Program.

The Indigenous Link team provides excellent customer service and support. I look forward to another successful year.

Canadian Pacific is committed to the principles of employment equity, diversity and inclusion. At CP, we recognize that Canada’s Indigenous population is growing and that it represents a significant source of new talent for us who bring skill, energy, ambition and a unique culture to Canadian Pacific.

In our efforts to increase our presence in Indigenous communities across Canada, we partnered with Indigenous Link on their Diversity Recruitment Program. From my perspective, CP is now successfully reaching Indigenous communities that we were previously unable to. We are now effectively communicating a consistent message and hiring Canadian Indigenous Peoples and that’s important to us.

With the help of the Indigenous Link team, our messages are reaching thousands of potential Indigneous candidates, positioning Canadian Pacific as an ‘Employer of Choice’ within Indigenous communities across Canada.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service you have been providing Bell Conferencing the last 5 years.

Your knowledge of this market, expertise and creativeness continues to enable us to obtain an increase in visibility and customer base which make our marketing campaigns successful each time.  Promoting our services with your direct communication service allows us to reach in a very short period of time the Canadian Indigenous market coast to coast and allows us to save time and costs.

I look forward to continue our ongoing relationship and partnership.

I want to thank Indigenous Link for providing the Canadian Council for Indigenous Business with a powerful direct marketing channel and professional services for our Indigenous Business Series conferences. It is important for CCAB as a national non-profit organization to ensure Indigenous businesses and organizations know about our events from coast to coast, to coast. Indigenous Link provides a tool that ensures  Indigenous business organizations and leaders are aware of what we are doing.

Your campaign execution is outstanding including planning, design and reporting. I was delighted by responseTRAC’s ability to take the guesswork out of advertising and show what the ROI is across media channels and market segments. You are a dependable and trusted partner.

Keep up the great work!

We worked with Indigenous Link to help promote a large conference on Canada’s North.  Indigenous Link’s strong knowledge of northern and Indigenous culture, specifically in regards to Direct communications into the Indigenous community, enabled us to reach our target audience effectively and on budget.  The team at Indigenous Link was a pleasure to work with and was always ready with an answer to my specific questions.

We will continue to use Indigenous Link to reach this audience.

When the Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters “SABAR” launched our annual scholarship we thought that we would be successful in promoting the scholarship through the many connections we made in the Indigenous community since SABAR’s inception in 2003.

As time went on, our efforts proved only one application for our scholarship. The scholarship committee, proud of the work we had done could not understand why no one was interested in the opportunity we had committed to and worked so hard to develop.

Aware of our struggles, Brenda Nadjiwan the chair of SABAR passed an email to me about Indigenous Link. I immediately contacted Indigenous Link and they quickly put together a proposal, and thereafter we signed an agreement to do one Direct Communication campaign.

During an introduction meeting with yourself, you asked me what my expectations were with respect to the number of applicants I would like to receive. Given that I had no experience in managing a scholarship I had no expectations, but it was certainly more than one. When I posed the question to the scholarship committee we agreed that ten was a good number.

It should be no surprise to you that I am writing to acknowledge and thank Indigenous Link for not only exceeding our expectations but exceeding them to a degree that we could not have anticipated. We received a total of 28 applications plus numerous inquiries as a result of the Direct Communication Campaign. We had to revisit our plan, extend our judging period and block additional time for interviews. All unexpected but very welcome.

As Managing Director, and on behalf, of The Historica-Dominion Institute, I want to thank you for your help we were able to reach a record number of young Indigenous s writers this year, with more than 300 entries from every province and territory across Canada.

This year’s winners, Stephanie Wood of North Vancouver, and Nathan Adler of Orangeville, Ontario, were celebrated at a special event in Regina on June 15. National Chief Shawn Atleo was a special guest at the event and spoke to the importance of the Challenge in maintaining the storytelling tradition. Author and Giller Prize Winner Joseph Boyden was our Master of Ceremonies.

Thank you again for helping us to make this year’s Challenge the most successful one yet!

We look forward to working together again on next year’s Challenge.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation engaged Indigenous Link to help implement a pilot promotional campaign to improve the effectiveness of its communications and marketing efforts directed to First Nations communities.

The pilot’s outreach activities consisted of a series of coordinated, small-scale promotional activities in select test markets and included direct fax, direct mail, and posters. The ultimate goal was to determine which distribution channels were best able to deliver CMHC messages and program information. Executing the delivery of material, determining an effective distribution channel and establishing best practices for delivery in first nations communities were major hurdles and a major learning.

Indigenous Link has an established presence and an existing relationship as a trusted source of information within the community and this relationship provided credibility to our material. Indigenous Link notified various community members about CMHC’s information by means of direct fax to a list of key individuals and establishments, arranged for delivery of the direct mail piece to households, arranged for the posters to be displayed in key locations and provided phone follow up to ensure everything was received, displayed, and delivered.

Using Indigenous Link, as supported by testimonials from other government agencies including INAC, Correctional Services, and Health Canada, proved to be more than just an effective means of delivering direct mail to First Nations communities.

Indigenous link also provided important strategic advice, direction, and feedback. This direction and input, as well as the experience of their service, formed a major part of the campaign learnings and recommendations.

Indigenous Link proved to be an effective distribution channel, with strategic value-added and provided a highly targeted means of reaching First Nations communities.

I’d like to take this opportunity to commend you and your agency on the terrific service, along with the ensuing success we have experienced through using the Indigenous Link marketing technique.

By using Indigenous Link to reach Indigenous communities in our region, Portage College has introduced several new programs we feel would be of interest to this specific demographic. The targeted marketing method allows us to reach more than 700 businesses and agencies in Indigenous communities in our region.

For example, with the introduction of the Physical Wellness and Youth Leadership Program, we received 37 inquiries about the program. We call that a successful campaign.

I’d also like to mention the outstanding customer service we have received. As our Account Exec, you have been available when questions needed responses and last minute details needed to be incorporated. Friendly, approachable and well‐informed, you know your market well and we have benefited from your knowledge.

Since 2009, Express Scripts Canada has partnered with Indigenous Link on their Diversity Recruitment Program. The Indigenous Link team works diligently to come up with solutions and recommendations on how to attract potential Indigenous candidates. The program has generated several resumes and interest in our job competitions. If your organization has outreach needs specific to the Indigenous market, I highly recommend Indigenous Link.

I had the pleasure of working with Indigenous Link in my capacity as Director of Marketing, Communications and Media Relations at WorldSkills Calgary 2009. Our mandate was to promote this international professional skills and trades competition to our primary target market of youth aged 17 to 25 across the country and around the world to encourage them to explore trades and technology training and careers.

We selected Indigenous Link as a tactic to reach out to Indigenous youth. It was a good fit for us: we were able to customize our reach into the Indigenous community by selecting the types of businesses and organizations that most closely matched our target audience within our budget parameters. With the Direct communications broadcast reach right across the country, we were able to touch youth in communities and areas we would not have connected with through any other means. And the comprehensive reporting options allowed us to track the interest shown in our messages.

All in all, we had a successful experience with Indigenous Link and I wouldn’t hesitate to consider using the service again when our target market calls for similar demographics.

I would like to take this time to thank Indigenous Link for assisting us in our recruitment efforts through your Indigenous recruitment program.  We have been able to increase our applicant pool at a very reasonable cost. The applications we receive have been more plentiful than many other media types. Indigenous Link has proven very successful for Caron Transportation Systems, and we will continue our partnership into the future.

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your company for the excellent services that were provided to Decima Research over the past year. These services enabled us to be successful in fulfilling the research requirements of our clients.

By using Indigenous Link’s database, we were able to accurately survey specific segments of the Indigenous community, which in turn increased the number of completed surveys. We would not have been as successful in these tasks without your services. Of the 1,500 surveys sent out, we received approximately 500 responses, double the industry average!

The staff at Indigenous Link was responsive to our needs and to the tight timelines that were in place for each project. They also provided valuable advice and were flexible to meet our deadlines to ensure the success of our projects.

Thank you for all of your efforts and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you again.

Indigenous Link has provided the City of Fort St. John with an outreach method to effectively communicate our human resource needs to the Indigenous community, helping us to work towards the City’s goal of promoting diversity within our workforce.  The Indigenous Link team is energetic, efficient and quick to respond to our needs. In addition, the information provided through their responseTRAC Response Reporting System is invaluable and meets our requirements.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in regards to the success of our Direct Marketing campaign. Your prompt and courteous service certainly assisted us in achieving our sales goals. Sales and inquiries generated as a result of your actions were overwhelming.


On behalf of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, I am pleased to provide this letter of support for Indigenous Link Advertising and Communication Services. AMC has utilized their services for events and gatherings on both regional and national levels and has benefitted greatly from this.

We are impressed with the quality and reach of their services, which gives them access to First Nation communities, affiliated organizations, and other interested groups, on a regional and national level. Using their response track response reports, we have obtained detailed statistical reports for various event advertisements in a timely, efficient, and user-friendly manner. This type of reporting has allowed us to closely monitor our progress and goals for these events, to direct our efforts where most needed, and to ensure transparency and accountability to the communities we serve. I highly recommend Indigenous Link’s services to First Nations and affiliated organization across Canada; using their service will guarantee the attainment of your advertising and communication goals.

As a not-for-profit Indigenous agency, we have a small advertising budget to work with so it was important that we find the best way to reach the largest Indigenous audience for the least amount of money. Through our direct communications campaign, Indigenous Futures Career & Training Centre continues to draw large numbers of Indigenous people to our centre for services and to attend information sessions on our programs. We look forward to working with Indigenous Link in the coming year as we will be hosting a variety of events on Education, Training and Employment for our clients and other Indigenous service providers in Calgary. I look forward to working with Indigenous Link to help us to provide important ongoing information on Education, Training and Employment to Indigenous people.

We used the services of Indigenous Link as part of our marketing campaign to attract students to our college. After using their services for the past six months, I would say the results have exceeded our expectations. Not only has it increased our enrolment, but it has also given us other training opportunities.

We signed up with Indigenous Link and have been using their services for a little of over a year. We are the first providers in the Home Care industry to use the Indigenous Link recruitment program. Therefore, we really had no idea of how successful the program would be. So far we have generated a significant response to our career section of our website and have had several applicants, of which some have turned into hires. We believe this speaks to a strong return in a very short period of time in terms of hiring Indigenous talent. We look forward to continuing to attract Indigenous applicants to Bayshore Home Health and sending the message that Indigenous applicants are always welcome

MGI Financial Group began using Indigenous Link back in 2004 to advertise our Employee Benefits program for First Nations organizations – CINUP.  The direct communications campaign produced consistent results providing numerous leads and significant revenue dollars.  Due to the successes, MGI has realized as a result of the CINUP lead generation campaign we have expanded the program to include direct marketing to our current clients as well as a CINUP Scholarship campaign.

Indigenous Link provides us with a unique and very effective direct marketing opportunity that reaches Indigenous decision-makers with a high success rate.  The Indigenous Link Campaign has been a major contributor to our ongoing success of the CINUP Program.  We have also engaged in a similar campaign for other MGI Products and look forward to an ongoing relationship.

Thank you for the great job you did.  All the material looked great, we ended up with 125 paying delegates (131 in total). Also, the Investment challenge was a huge hit, thanks to the great look of the Turtle Island Financial Times you designed.

The planning has started for next years workshop – Blue mountain in Collingwood. Mark your calendars to call me in July or August to lay out the marketing plan for next year.  With your track record of increasing the attendance, getting 160 delegates shouldn’t be a problem!

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for all of your hard work on the very successful outreach campaigns your team has developed for the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada (IRSRC).  Your services have played an important role in making our events and communications successful.  It’s clear that your direct communication services are an effective way of reaching Indigenous Leadership, and the wider Indigenous community at the grassroots level, something that is particularly difficult to do in the Canadian Indigenous segment.

The on going positive response we receive from your campaigns demonstrates that your design team is able to produce culturally sensitive material that move people to action.

The quick turn around time and ease of placing orders makes it extremely simple to use your services.

I also wanted to thank you very much for all of the marketing reporting that you provide.  The detailed breakdown of responses to our campaigns helps us to better understand where Residential School survivors reside and their preferred methods of response.   The reports will also be useful when determining our overall return on investment and will provide accountability for supporting future marketing expenditures.

We are looking forward to our continued partnership with your company and would recommend your services to anyone that needs an effective means of reaching Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

We have generated multiple opportunities and have been able to track the results using the responseTRAC tools that are included in your advertising services.  This tracking has allowed us to monitor the ROI on our campaigns. Excellent!

Our sales have increased and our return on investment has certainly been good. As a result, we will continue to use your service on an ongoing basis.

I would like to opportunity to thank you for your support in marketing our program “An Introduction to the Government of Canada”.  The response was very successful.  I look forward to working with again the future.

Thank you, once again, for your assistance in promoting our first golf tournament through direct marketing. The Golf Tournament Committee met after the tournament. The tournament was a financial success. The golfers and guests enjoyed themselves. It was noted that the number of registrations and sponsorships increased as a result of the direct marketing we did through Indigenous Link.

We look forward to working with you again on the tournament next year. Our organization will be planning more events in various locations across Canada and Indigenous Link has demonstrated the benefits of direct marketing.

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our recent campaign. The results from our first month were fantastic! I have to mention what impressed me most about doing business with Indigenous Link (aside from great response to our ads) was the time you were willing to spend understanding our business needs, our customers, and our products and services. That understanding was the key to a successful advertising campaign. Working with your organization has been like a partnership rather than a traditional client/vendor relationship. Thanks for a job well done!

Since the onset of our marketing efforts, the experience and results dealing with your firm have been very positive. Using your service over the past 2 years as part of our continued marketing efforts has allowed us to maintain solid growth in a saturated industry. Your Indigenous Graphic Designers are very knowledgeable when it comes to creating advertising messages that deliver results. We are extremely excited about future opportunities with Indigenous Link and your team.

I thought I would take a few moments to express personally to you how delighted I am with Indigenous Link, yourself and your staff. I would like you to know the marketing campaign you have provided to me in the First Nations and my (non-First Nations) sales territory have been overwhelmingly successful. After just months sales have tripled! I have to thank-you.

Your work, time and effort put forth has been great! I would recommend you and your services to anyone who would like to make a positive impact in marketing strategies.

I look forward to our continued on going marketing campaign and Thank-you again!

The Anishinaabe Youth Achievers Project committee needed a way to get the word out that our nomination deadline was extended. We wanted something quick and simple that would grab people’s attention.

… This was a highly effective way of advertising. It went all over Treaty#3 area. I have also recommended Indigenous Link to other organizations.

We saw a measurable increase in sales after our initial direct communications broadcast to the Indigenous community and have been able to track sales and referrals to your program. With the completion of only two of our series of six broadcast, we are already experiencing a return on investment of approximately 5:1 on hardware. When airtime is figured into the mix, the ROI increases significantly.

I look forward to future partnerships utilizing your other databases and resources.

I would like to personally thank your company for the outstanding services you provided for the “First Nation Buying Group Charity” and the national “CMHC First Nation Housing Expo” events I organized in August and September respectfully. Indigenous Links’ marketing and promotional abilities enhanced both events’ attendance and participants. As a business owner, I rely on outsourcing services to companies such as Indigenous Link to make my events a success, I was particularly impressed with your database, and the diverse contacts of essential areas.

Indigenous Link is not only exceptionally efficient, your advice and follow up was sincere, helpful and appreciated. As a Conference and Event Coordinator/Planner who requires information to reach organizations quickly, I definitely would utilize your Company again in the future, knowing full well your company provides high-quality service and delivery. It gives me great pleasure to support and recommend your dynamic company, Indigenous Link, to any company, organization or person who wishes to get fast, quality service.

” I have had the opportunity to work with Indigenous Link for the past three years. And in particular, I’m very excited about our success this past year. The whole team collaborated and worked extremely hard to ensure successful changes to our program were done effectively and within tight timelines.  The transition to web-based applications forms was not an easy task but done with ease and executed accurately and efficiently.   The real success comes with their passion and dedication to all that they do. This teams spirit and resilience continue to drive my own expectations of other vendors. Continue the great work that you do!”

I would like to personally thank the Indigenous Link Team for the outstanding services they provided for the Canada Post Indigenous Education Incentive Awards Program. You made this experience very exclusive by tailoring your services to meet our needs and you have done this in a very short period of time. Your team is reliable and efficient. The program’s results are outstanding – Indigenous Link has tremendously enhanced our visibility in the Indigenous Community and improved participation to our program by almost 500% over previous years.

They delivered on their promise and more!  I recommend Indigenous Link to anyone who wishes to build a great relationship within the Indigenous Community and obtain quality and superior results.

We want to thank the Indigenous Link team for a successful first year on our Indigenous Link Education Program. They have extensive experience and success in reaching the Canadian Indigenous Community and have helped us to promote our Indigenous Agriculture and Land Management Post Graduate Diploma. To date, our Program has been quite successful in generating enquiries about the program from Indigenous students across Canada.

Indigenous Link has a suite of tools that allow them to effectively reach Indigenous Peoples across Canada. They reach more than 28,000 offices where First Nations, Metis and Inuit people live, learn and work. They also have a unique real-time tracking system that allows us to monitor the responses to the various communications we send out. It’s also proven to be much more economical than regular magazine and other media advertising in terms of generation enquiries.  All of our communications are also posted on and Indigenous Link has connected us to Facebook and Twitter as well.

I would highly recommend Indigenous Link to any organization that wishes to connect with the Indigenous Community in Canada.

“At ATB Financial, we’re proud of our ongoing partnership with Indigenous Link. Indigenous Link’s Diversity Recruitment Program is unique and valuable, and their team consistently and professionally responds to our needs. They work closely with us to ensure our ads are delivered on time, every time. Thanks to Indigenous Link, we are able to efficiently and effectively connect with Alberta’s vibrant Indigenous market, allowing us to fill positions with the best talent Alberta has to offer. Because our partnership has been so successful, we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Indigenous Link team”.

‘Indigenous Link’s Diversity Recruitment Program is a tremendous recruitment tool. While we were expanding and growing our Lodges in the Fort McMurray regions, it provided PTI with numerous resumes. As well, through Indigenous Link we were able to establish the PTI brand in many remote Indigenous communities across Canada that we wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.’

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) executed a pilot outreach into First Nations communities. Market research indicated that the use of Indigenous media services such as Indigenous Link offered highly-targeted approaches for reaching First Nations communities.  CMHC engaged Indigenous Link to execute a direct mail campaign and included many other forms of direct communications support for the overall strategy. This pilot exercise was successful and led to the development of a framework for future marketing planning where posters were identified as an effective communications strategy.
Based on the results of the pilot outreach, CMHC engaged Indigenous Link again to execute a direct mail poster campaign for the purpose of raising awareness of the availability and usefulness of CMHC’s Mold in Housing Series and Case Studies in First Nations communities. Posters were distributed in select communities for display in several offices including band administration, community centres, on-reserve schools, recreational centres, etc.  As part of our campaign tracking, we were able to validate that web traffic increased significantly.

Once again, the Indigenous Link direct mail poster campaign was tremendously successful and exceeded our expectations.

Our National Conference went very well, we had approximately 300 delegates, half of which came in the three weeks leading up to the Conference. I think it really helped profiling Ovide Mercredi and Ken Coates in our last campaigns that went out October 6th.  Of course, we would have liked more attendees, but I spoke with many delegates who indicated that the CAMA Conference, Indigenous Entrepreneur Conference, and the Cando Conference were within a week of each other, and people really had to make a choice. I suspect this had a lot to do with registration numbers, as I know that the Indigenous Entrepreneur Conference had under 300 delegate, and it is normally well attended.

In any event, we made our targets and we’re happy with the outcome. Thanks!

Our partnership with [now Careers.Indigenous.Link] is very important and has accounted for almost 70K applicant views and 180 potential applicants to date.


We at Prince Albert Grand Council are pleased to provide you with a recommendation for Indigenous Link and the work that they do.  The work involved in organizing a conference that involves more than one province is overwhelming.  Trying to track down all the necessary contact information for the organizations that you want to include itself is many hours of being on the phone.  I contacted an office in Manitoba, and the lady I spoke with highly recommended Indigenous Link.  They have all the contacts to all of the First Nations Organizations in Canada, as well as the provincial and federal offices that are necessary. I was more than happy to hand that work over to Indigenous Link so that I could focus my labours on many other important aspects of organizing a conference.  It was probably one of the smartest moves that was made while planning the Western Canada First Nations Education Administrators Conference.  I would gladly do it again, and I recommend that you do as well.

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to your Operations Team. They have been so timely in answering inquiries about applications and this has happened from the on-set. Definitely, want to say how much I appreciate the time and effort your team puts into ensuring candidates have an excellent experience.

Chi Miigwetch (Many Thanks)!

Thank you so much for forwarding along our response report; these results look really great! You are an invaluable part of our outreach and we will certainly look forward to our continued relationship with you.  In reviewing the last three years, the results show our submission numbers show a continuous growth. In 2014, we received 420 submissions, last year we received 535, and this year we received 653. We love working with Indigenous Link and each year we receive so many submissions to the contest from Indigenous youth that found out about the contest through Indigenous Link … Thank you for being so on top of things!

I want to thank Indigenous Link for helping us in our search for an intern for our Indigenous Journalist opportunity. Everyone at Indigenous Link was so easy to work with and very helpful – it was a great experience! For such a short turnaround time, I was impressed with the number of applicants and the quality of the applications. We received submissions from across the entire country – coast to coast – a good representation of the Indigenous Communities. We are very happy with the results we received with Indigenous Link, and we look forward to working together again in the near future.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank you and your company for the terrific service  that you have provided to the National Indigenous Recruitment Team at the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC).  As a result of a quarterly direct communication campaign, we are reaching areas of the country that would otherwise prove very costly and time consuming.  Additionally, we are reaching interested candidates of all ages and education levels.  We are able to provide information about our organization in terms of what we do, what we offer and what we give back.  This messaging opportunity has created much more dialogue with Indigenous community members.  It is anticipated that this increased interest in the business and mandate of CSC will generate more Indigenous applicants seeking employment opportunities with our organization.

From a recruitment perspective, reaching out to 7,200 Indigenous community contacts across the country is invaluable.  I believe that our initial attempts at strategic outreach are proving very successful.

The customer service approach and personal touch is very refreshing and meaningful.  I appreciate the telephone calls, the e-mails and information provided by Indigenous Link, as it provides me with valuable information to relay to my superiors on how things are progressing on a regular basis, without a great deal of time spent investigating and creating reports.

We consider Indigenous Link to be our partner for reaching out to the First Nations, Inuit and Métis community. We conduct public opinion research and often have a need to reach this population on reserve and off reserve. Indigenous Link makes this easy for us. We involve them in our project planning stage all the way to an analysis of results. They provide high level and in-depth consultation on the approach, language used, and what we can expect to receive in terms of data and deliverables. I completely trust their team to manage all aspects of the recruitment campaign and deliver what we need on time and on budget. Our projects are not easy and often require quick decision-making and a change in direction before and during a campaign – they have been accommodating and successful every time. They just “get it”.

I honestly do not know how organizations survive conferences without your company… I would need so many staff to do what you all do! Thank you, I really appreciate it and value you all.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for assisting quickly with posting our four career ads to your site so quickly and efficiently. It really helped to get answers to my questions so quickly, and the job posting site worked really well. Thanks again!

I wanted to say a special thank you to the team at Indigenous Link, this phenomenal response would not have been possible without your support in terms of building awareness and managing the application intake. We look forward to our ongoing partnership.

I wanted to let you know that starting Friday, I’m being flown into one of the Indigenous communities in the Timmins area to do an 8-day course, and I just finished a course in Parry Sound Island! Thank you for these contacts, it was directly because of Indigenous Link that this came about. Your service works! Thank you again.


As a result of the extensive consultation you provided us, we were able to create an outreach campaign that touched 1,200 communities and organizations across Canada. Success was forthcoming, and after only one campaign we received more than 170 inquiries which can be directly attributed to your service. For a minimal cost, Indigenous Link was able to significantly enhance the effectiveness of our communication.

Again, thank you for your excellent service, and I look forward to working with you again.

Edu-Therapy has been in business for over 30 years, and while still busy, it was always frustrating that less than one percent of the population knew we existed. Our goal was to get correct and valid information, treatment and training to communities, health care groups and caregivers on how to deal with the pain caused by significant emotional loss. Since our partnership in 2008, Indigenous Link has helped us penetrate the markets and our business has grown. Over the years, their team has continually reinvested their time, effort and energy to ensure we achieve our goal of awareness of our products and services. I can’t believe over 10 years have passed, but when things run smoothly, time flies. Thank you to the Indigenous Link team!

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