As in life, there needs to be a balance in all things. Water to Fire, Land to Sky, Summer to Winter, Work and Play. This balance is illustrated in Indigenous Link’s logo. The Sun and the Moon and its connection with all life on Mother Earth is a primary example of the values we instilled in this logo.

The Ojibway people consider Grandmother moon as a cherished relative.  Without Grandmother moon, Mother Earth would not be habitable for plant life, animals or human beings. The Grandmother moon unconditionally provides our planet with balance, stabilizing the planet’s rotation and regulating the ocean’s tides.

One of the most powerful symbols for the life force is the sun and the need for Grandfather sun is important for life on Mother Earth. Much like Grandmother moon, Grandfather Sun nourishes all life on earth with his energy for without him life would not exist.

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Indigenous Link’s brand is an illustration of what the Ojibway call “The Good Journey”. The name speaks to the history of the Anishinaabe people and how they traveled to various territories in birchbark canoes.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are illustrated to represent a set of Ojibway values that have been passed down through generations. The concept is intended for one to lead a good life or in Ojibway “Mino-Bimaaduziwin”.

Each Grandfather Teaching is a gift the Anishinaabeg carries; a tool for living a good life. Our understanding is that as we use these gifts, our experience of living improves. Using these gifts in our lives is an ongoing challenge for each of us, requiring attention, discipline, and perseverance.

Dibaadendiziwin – Wolf

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Humility is represented by the Wolf. For the Wolf, life is lived for his pack and the ultimate shame is to be outcast. Humility is to know that you are a sacred part of Creation and a reminder to live life selflessly by Respecting your place and carrying your pride with your people and praise the accomplishments of all.

Dibaadendiziwin is also a reminder to not become arrogant and self-important, but rather find balance within yourself and all living things.


Truth is represented by the Turtle as she was here during the Creation of Earth and carries the Teachings of life on her back. The Turtle lives life in a slow and meticulous manner because she understands the importance of both the journey and the destination.

Truth is to know to have faith and trust in your Teachings, show honour and sincerity in all that you say and do, understand your place in this life and apply that understanding in the way that you walk, and to be true to yourself and all other things.

Debwewin – Turtle


Honesty is represented by the Raven. Raven understands who they are and know how to walk in their life. Raven accepts himself and knows how to use his gift. He does not seek the power, speed, or beauty of others. He uses what he has been given to survive and thrive and walks through life with integrity.

Gwekwaadziwin reminds us to be honest with ourselves, to recognize and accept who we are, to accept and use the gifts we have been given, and not seek to deceive ourselves or others.

Gwekwaadziwin – Raven

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Nibwaakawin – Beaver


The Beaver represents Wisdom because he uses his natural gift wisely for his survival. The Beaver also alters his environment in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way for the benefit of his family. To cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom.

We honour Nibwaakawin by using our inherent gifts wisely and living our lives by them, recognizing our and other differences in a kind and respectful way, continuously observing the life of all things around us, listening with clarity and a sound mind, respecting our own limitations and those of all of our surroundings, and allowing yourself to learn and live by your Wisdom.

Minwaadendamowin – Buffalo

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Respect is represented by the Buffalo. The Buffalo gives every part of his being to sustain the human way of living, not because he is of less value, but because he Respects the balance and needs of others. To honour all Creation is to have Respect.

We honour Minwaadendamowin by living honourably in Teachings and in your actions towards all things, not wasting and being mindful of the balance of all living things, sharing and giving away what you do not need, treating others the way you would like to be treated, and not being hurtful to yourself or others

Aakodewewin – Bear


Courage is represented by the Bear. The mother Bear has the Courage and strength to face her fears while protecting her young. The Bear also shows us how to live a balanced life through rest, survival, and play. She teaches us that to face life with bravery is to know Courage.

We honour Aakodewewin by finding our inner strength to face the difficulties of life and the Courage to be yourself, defending what you believe in and what is right for your community, family, and self, making positive choices and having conviction in your decisions, and facing your fears to allow yourself to live your life.

Zaagidwin – Eagle

The Eagle represents Love because he has the strength to carry all the Teachings. The Eagle has the ability to fly highest and closest to the Creator and also has the sight to see all the ways of being from great distances. The Eagle’s Teaching of Love can be found in the core of all Teachings, therefore an Eagle feather is considered the highest honour and a sacred gift.

To know Love is to know peace and we honour Zaagidwin by viewing our inner-self from the perspective of all Teachings. This self-reflection is to know Love and to Love yourself truly. Only then will we be at peace with ourselves, the balance of life, all things, and with the Creator.


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